Wednesday, December 10, 2008

What did I do Thanksgiving?

Actually, I did drive to the beach after having Thanksgiving dinner with Patti Jr. She did a great job - a real turkey, dressing, sweet potato's, green bean casserole - the whole shooting match. I left about 3:30 PM and arrived around 9:30. Friday was nice, got to decorate the house. After that, downhill - cold and rainy with lots of wind. I did get everything done that I needed to do and left Wednesday. Pat's back. Bahamas don't seem to be all that great, nor does the Norwegian Cruise Line from what she has to say about it. I am going to plan a cruise for next year but it has to be on the Celebrity Line since I know they are top notch. Maybe the Mercury. Christmas shopping is underway (almost finished actually). Now we have to get things wrapped and mailed. We'll be tripping around over the holidays that's for sure.
Work is good. Semi-retired is heavy on the semi, not so much on the retired. That's OK with me. Nothing else spectacular going on - I did get my PM Certifications (Master Project Manager and Certified International Project Manager).........Whoopee!
Bradley Q. Wootten, MPM, CIPM

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