Sunday, April 18, 2010

Tea Party Time!

I went to a Tea Party rally in Holly Ridge, NC yesterday - interesting. There was considerable diversity present, all working or middle class people united for a simple cause: lower taxes (and presumably better use of tax dollars), less government intrusion into our lives, and adherance to the concept of personal responsibility. It's hard to argue against these concepts. Unfortunately, the liberal media continues to portray these people as a bunch of red necked bigots, likely to cover their own bigotry against conservative thought.
Personally, I worry about the lack of participation by younger people (20-30 something). If they would allow themselves to become informed through their own research and not what the press stirs up through unfounded emotion, they would realize that it is they who will be footing the bill for all of these wasteful spending jaunts and giveaway programs that we are currently seeing take place.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Can you believe how much time has passed?

My last post was during the big March Virginia snow about taking a break. Well, it's April now and we're in Surf City where, at least until today, the weather has been unseasonably warm and begging one to be outdoors. It's a bit chilly now but warming up tomorrow for the rest of the week.
I've been thinking about many things lately, the economy and jobs being one of them. One of my current hot buttons has to do with the plain hard fact that it's simply too easy to be unemployed in this country.
Under current unemployment compensation programs, individuals can sometimes draw over $900/week for up to 79 weeks, hardly a strong incentive to get out and find a job. Right here in Surf City, there are help wanted signs posted in several places, fast food and grocery stores among them. Naturally, they can't come close to paying the kind of money mentioned above so where's the incentive to get out and work?
Now I admit that some sort of unemployment cushion should exist - logically at the level initially envisioned which I believe is 13 weeks, and the compensation during this 13 week period should equal something less than the prevailing minimum wage so as to not unduly enrich those who aren't active and productive members of our society.
Taking the above steps would probably go a long way towards encouraging the chronically unemployed (aka non productive members of society)to get out and find a job. In order to ensure that they keep it, benefits would be available only once during any calendar year with a lifetime limit of 39 weeks total. This would discourage those who intend to make unemployment their life's work from doing so and would certainly keep these individuals out of the taxpaying public's purse.
There you have it, like it or not, but it's high time someone began to realize that the real victim in all of this is the responsible taxpayer, not those who pray upon them in the name of social programs.