Friday, August 24, 2007

What Else? The Beach!

I am in VA and Patti is still in NC at the beach. Ginger arrived today and will stay until next Saturday, giving Patti some company after a week by herself.
Tonight, A. C. Flora is having a reunion for my class in Columbia SC. Too bad that I was unable to make it since it would have been fun to see all of the old high school crew. Maybe next time????
Nothing going on here. Working, biking, computering (is that now a word?). As Jackie Gleason once said "One of the days......" and I will hang it up so fast everyone will be flabbygasted.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Finally, I am there!

Finally, after a month of hearing about all the fun in the sun stuff going on down here, I made it back.  Only for the weekend (and a hot one at that so it appears), but hey, I got back to Surf City one more time during the summer.

Everyone seems to be having a good time – Jenny and Boe (Pat’s Mom and Dad) are here for 10 days.  Pat has enjoyed a steady stream of company (Ginger, Ashley; then Betsy, Austin, Abigail; then Lynn, Mark, Sarah; now Jenny and Boe; me (I feel like company anyway); the Ginger again.  Wow!  Good thing we upsized the refrigerator.

Well, I need to start the day – maybe with a nice, hot bike ride to the south end of the island – then, breakfast, or death depending on how hot it is out there.  Too bad it won’t be beer time for another 8 hours….wait!  I’m on vacation so beer time is whenever it needs to be, right?