Monday, October 27, 2008

I Don't Know Nutten About Nutten!

But Mom, you really knew everything about most everything. You taught me how to live, how to love, how to care, and ultimately, how to pass from this life to the next while leaving this one a bit better for those whom you left behind. Many people came to express these same sentiments – friends and family who love you; a museum that will enlighten and entertain those who never knew you; children who are far better people because of your influence and the model of life that you so consistently lived. While it saddens those of us left behind, the sadness is for our loss, since we know that things are eternally bright and joyful for you. There are so many little memories to recall – too many to list actually and most hiding in my mind, waiting to spring forth as daily surprises of joy and remembrance, keeping you close always. Recently on a visit you patted me on the head and said “my little boy has gray hair”. I’ll never forget that moment because I realized that having you here meant that I, a man of 63, was still someone’s little boy and I’ll remain that until the end.

In Loving Memory of Gerda Quelch Wootten, September 9, 1914 - October 23, 2008.

Your loving son,


Thursday, October 2, 2008

Gone and Done It!

So here's the deal for the day. I officially retired.........sort of! September 15 was supposed to be my last day but for administrative purposes it actually became September 30. Between the two dates, I was technically still working but not actually going to work, just doing some work from afar. Effective October 1 I became a "casual" employee which, I surmise, means that I work when called upon for special projects and get paid an hourly rate to do so. Today is October 2 and, guess what? I am going in to the office for a meeting. So, the question is: "Am I or am I not retired?" Tomorrow, it's hit the road time - SC for a couple of days then on to NC for a while. Naturally, I'll still be toting the corporate cell phone, logging in to email, and doing many of those same things I've always done, only just not full time or in an office (or with benefits). Maybe this isn't a bad way to go - just as long as I don't get overwhelmed with all the stuff I have to keep track of as I am doing all that going.
One more thing - sort of ironic. This morning, I visit the dentist. I like to refer to him as Dr. "Unreasonable and Non-Customary" since that's what the insurance company puts on their paid claims forms when they deny a considerable portion of his bill. As a "casual" employee, I no longer have dental insurance and, typical for me, ole doctor expensive has just raised his prices. That's what happens when you have a dentist with children and a college fund. I am gonna ask for a cash discount and, maybe do some comparison shopping. Keep them choppers in good shape - dental floss is your friend.
PS: Regarding that post below about "ain't gonna happen".....I lied!