Thursday, May 8, 2008

Well, it's gonna happen as least partially!

We'll be off between May 17 - June 1 but will be spending some time at J & B's place for unanticipated reasons. Then, back to Surf City. Retire? How silly a thought that was. Two key staff already resigned during the preceding week so retirement on the heels of that would not be in keeping with my upbringing. However, and be warned, I am gonna do it and soon.
I've wanted to post some thoughts regarding the ongoing political antics but after giving it careful consideration, have decided to let it go since neither candidate (of the three) has jumped out and hit me as the greatest of choices. We have the anti-christ and Beelzebub on the one hand, and War boy on the other. Seems like there are not many options for us to choose from. We either experience calamity and perdition that ultimately leads to the end of times, or keep fighting a war that has no end in sight and hasn't even helped lower oil prices.
Me? I am all for letting this one ride and finding a candidate who will end the war, be racially agnostic, and put such words as non-discrimination and equal opportunity into the definitional context from whence they were originally derived. Anyway you look at it, and regardless of who wins in November, there will be, for entirely different reasons, rioting in the streets.