Monday, July 13, 2009

Rainy Day Departure!

It’s raining like crazy here in Surf City North Carolina and naturally, we’re leaving sometime this morning for Virginia. I suspect this weather has settled in for a while, maybe two days or so. It’s after 9 AM and nobody but me is stirring so that means a late, very late getaway. It doesn’t matter since the garbage man hasn’t picked up the trash and I don’t want to leave until I can return the container to under the house. Hopefully, the guy will be coming down our side of the street soon. Surf City is fast becoming Trash City based on all the overflowing containers lining the streets. The town went to one vs. two day per week garbage pickup, without requiring larger rental houses to add containers, so we’re starting to see the result – trash all over the place and probably a growing rat population. Something has to give – I’ve suggested fines against homeowners who don’t provide sufficient containers and who fail to return them to the house after pickup day. Nobody in the town government seems willing to do anything to resolve the problem. Maybe I should offer my help. I could ask the state health department for assistance or perhaps get some beneficial publicity from the regional news media. We’ll see! In the meantime, the Ocean is there and looking a bit bleak right now since it’s raining so hard. We’ll be back soon.