Saturday, August 22, 2009

We're not at Surf City!

Had to come back to VA for a while to teach a class, attend a lunch, teach another class. It's raining today and was a bust anyway since we spent almost 6 hours driving to a German Deli (or two), getting some picnic stuff, having the picnic, and coming back home. Soon, it's back to Topsail but for now, boredom on a rainy Saturday in Virginia.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


What a week.  Lynn, Mark, and Sara are here and it’s been fun.  We’re doing all sorts of things,  none especially remarkable but all entertaining.  Mark got a new laptop and is geeking the days away or perhaps I should say “Blue Grassing on the Web”.  We’re cruising on the Belle of Topsail tomorrow evening so hopefully the weather will  cooperate.   So far, it’s been mixed with pretty good amounts of sun, interspersed with a little rain and wind but not too bad. After next week, I am afraid that my time here will become very limited for a while.  Too bad but maybe I can figure something out.  J and B are coming mid September but I doubt I’ll be here since there’s work to be done in the DC/VA areas once again.