Sunday, September 30, 2012

Off to the Circus!

It's September 30 and today we're off to Cirque Du Soleil to see Totem. Hopefully, it will be a cool Fall day but not rainy. From what I can see, the cool part is on tap, but so is some rain.  Oh well, it's under a big tent so what the heck.  Happy circus and Happy Fall.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Politics isn't hard to understand

There are two kinds of voters in this country; honest, hardworking people who obey the law, support their family, and pay their taxes; and those who don't.
With 50% of the nation paying no taxes, and 57% of all tax revenues coming from 5% of the population, it isn't really hard to see who does and who doesn't contribute their fair share.
The food stamp program has nearly tripled in 4 years. Unemployment is rampant. Housing prices are slumping. In short, we can't afford to chance another round of promised hope and change becoming hopeless change.
No smooth rhetoric can make the fundamental problems disappear. No glib talking, fact twisting ex president, already debarred from practicing law for lying to a judge, can explain it away. Only a change in leadership and philosophy can put us back on the course first charted by our founding fathers.
Think carefully before you vote. This may be your last chance if you do it wrong.