Saturday, March 28, 2009

We're back again!

We are back in Surf City. I know that because It's been raining since we arrived. The sun is trying to come out - maybe it'll succeed and we will have some decent weather. It it going to be warmer - already 70 degrees at 10:25 AM....Happy Days!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

March Beach Madness

It's been about the longest time I've ever spent away from Virginia in years. For three weeks, we have bounced between Topsail Island and Boiling Springs SC. It's actually been fun despite the lousy weather at Topsail - cold, foggy, misting rain, and a strong coastal wind have been prevalent most of the time. Still, it's been restful. We'll be leaving next week and probably not returning for at least 2 weeks due to various appointments, school, work, etc. When we return, it will be Spring and hopefully the beginning of warmer and more outdoorsy weather.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Has It Really Been Since Christmas?

I guess I’m not a very good blogger – at least not a consistent one given the date of my last entry.  Well, it’s makeup time so here goes.

First, we’re in NC and it’s cold at the beach. A little snow fell but nothing was sticking.  I guess we’re lucky because Northern Virginia has a pretty good storm going on right now.

Keeping the stream of consciousness going I have decided that I hate elevators, at least mine.  The damn thing is as dependable as, well as nothing.  Here it is broken down again for the second time in 6 months and fixing it costs big bucks just for the service calls alone.  If it breaks once more, I may turn it into a silo.

Secondly, it’s handicapped people – some of whom are lazy little buggers.  Not all of them mind you but the ones who leave their shopping carts in the handicapped parking spaces when they return to their cars.  Now before accusing me of being hard hearted or anti-handicapped, I must say that my own wife is among them and is often a victim of their inconsiderate behavior.  If someone is able to push a cart around a store and return it to their car for unloading, they are certainly capable of putting the thing back in the little holding shoot in the parking lot, regardless of their physical limitations.  Think about it and you have to conclude that it’s pure laziness and totally inconsiderate of their fellow handicapped persons who now are either denied the use of a space blocked by the cart, or forced to get out and move it first.  This is just plain rude, especially when you realize that not all handicapped people are independently mobile so getting out of a car is in itself difficult.  Parking in a handicapped spot when one isn’t handicapped is illegal.  Blocking a handicapped space so the next person can’t use it should be too.