Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Snow Keeps Coming Around Here Lately!

Wow. Winter in these parts just won't quit. It's 10 degrees this morning and icy remnants of the two back to back snow and ice events still sit on the ground, waiting to catch unsuspecting people who don't look before they leap.

Me? I am going to head someplace warmer - probably not by more than 20 or 30 degrees but maybe there won't be any ice around, or snow to shovel. I got a pretty good workout this past week, at least until my gracious neighbor introduced me to his new snow blower. What a difference that thing made and, when the second snow storm hit, it got even better because I paid his son to do the blowing.

I bought a truck in November - a 4 wheel drive job. Good thing too since, even though our other vehicles are either 4 WD or all wheel drive, the truck is there, already dirty, and proven itself to be able to handle this weather. I guess I'll have to take it south in order to wash it though since the roads around here, would just get it dirty again. Besides, the outside water spigots and hoses are probably frozen for the season. Florida sounds like a great idea - too bad it's so full of old people. I hate to add to that list.