Saturday, June 14, 2008

I am here and they are there!

It’s a beautiful day in the [Surf City] neighborhood but, unfortunately, I am not there.  Patti is playing host to the kids and all are probably getting ready to bask in the sun today.  I am at work – been working 12 hours a day since last weekend.  Wow!  That’s gonna stop as of Monday and hopefully I can recoup some of the extra time spent at the office and direct it towards some personal activities.

How many times have I planned my great escape?  Too many and, thus far, neither has stuck.  That, I promise, is about to change.  Recognition, defined as the acknowledgment of achievement, service, merit, doesn’t exist in this place. It’s becoming more obvious that loyalty is not a two way street and being taken for granted is the norm. I’ve seen significant turnover and, lately and it’s been in the ranks of those whose contributions and abilities should be the most valued.  Inequity is rampant and there seems to be a pervasive attitude that those who have been here and proven themselves should be happy with their lot in life and so what if inequities exist? 

The “so what” is that those very people, the proven ones whose efforts have brought about what successes we’ve experienced, can leave and get significantly better deals from companies that know virtually nothing about them, save what’s in their resumes.  Strange how they can be so valued by a stranger while being ignored by the very organization that benefited most from their presence.

I’m ranting aren’t I?  Makes me feel good though and it’s all true.  Personally, I like to think of it as God’s way of preparing me for the next phase of my life and it certainly ain’t at this place.

Anyway, here’s to those who are, and will be, elsewhere, doing other things, and living in a world where equity still exists.  For me, that’s coming, and soon!