Thursday, January 31, 2008

A Blog A Day - Is Just Too Many!

I know.  It’s been over a month hasn’t it?  Maybe that’s because there’s nothing going on.  Maybe it’s because there’s too much going on.  Perhaps it’s because I just haven’t felt like posting a blog entry until now.  Well…………it’s all of the above.  We’ve actually returned to Surf City (MLK Weekend) and are planning another trip for President’s Day.  Since it’s about as cold there as it is in Northern Virginia, there’s not a lot of excitement related to being around warmer weather.  Retirement still looms somewhere in the future.  My projected date to throw the switch, like the stock market (and probably because of it to some degree) goes up and down.  Maybe I should just accept poverty and pull the plug now but I’m too security minded to do that.

This isn’t a good time anyway what with the weather, my evening teaching schedule, and the sheer fact that I’ve not found anything better to do than working and making money.  That’s gotta change one of these days, I know.  It’s the “when” that eludes me for now.

In the mean time, we’re healthy and about as happy as someone whose life revolves around going to and from work can be.  Maybe by the time I make the next entry in this blog I will have things figured out.