Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Visits to NC

Well, I guess I lied – didn’t make it for Columbus Day Weekend since Patti was in SC visiting her folks and I didn’t want to go it alone. We’ll now shoot for Veteran’s Day (November 12), and a return in two weeks from then for Thanksgiving. Hopefully it won’t be too cold by then since I’ve got a new seat for the mountain bike and want to try it out.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Weekend was a Success!

This past weekend was a success – both weather and other wise.  We arrived at Surf City Thursday evening around 7 PM so had 4 nights, leaving Monday around noon.  Warm, nice weather; some good bike rides; and all the usual stuff to do.  Interesting coincidence while we were at ACE Hardware visiting with Chuck.  Pat recognized her cousins Angela and her daughter Beth (and baby) in the store.  The coincidence comes in since Angela lives in PA and was visiting Beth.  Anyway, we were all able to go out to dinner at Daddy Mac’s on Sunday – not a bad place in my opinion, and we got to visit afterwards.  (Note: The Key Lime Pie that the Gift Basket on Surf City sells is great – never pass it up when given a chance to have some.)

When we left, the usual “I don’t wanna go” feelings set in and the gravitational pull of retirement to the beach increased a bit.  One of these days…….!

My other success while there was getting the network camera up and running once again – but for how long I wonder?  (Maybe I should be more optimistic.)

I am going back for Columbus Day weekend if I can muster the energy to make the drive – bet I will.

That’s it for now.