Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

It's the day before Thanksgiving and this year, it really doesn't seem so special.  This is the first Thanksgiving without Mom - in the past we've had Thanksgiving dinner with her at the Brightmore and it wasn't half bad either.  Patti is in SC having Thanksgiving with her parents and sister and her family in preparation for leaving Friday for Charleston SC and a 7 day Bahamas cruise.  I am here in Virginia.  Had pho for lunch and frankly, I am about pho'ed out, at least for a while.  I'll either stick around town and lay low, or spend Thanksgiving day driving to NC where I'll stay until maybe Monday or Tuesday since there's some legal stuff needing to be attended to.  It's not like I haven't had opportunities to spend Thanksgiving with a few who've offered, it's just that I don't really want to be with anyone right now.  Still, it's lonely around here, that's for sure and, while I dread the drive by myself, I'll probably find more to do there than here. 

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