Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas Messages

This is the first Christmas in my entire life that I've been without my Mother.  She was, as mothers tend to be, the center piece of my childhood Christmas.  As I grew up, moved away, and started my own life, I still knew that I had a Mom somewhere to visit, call, and spend some time with.  Thinking about all of this, and given her very recent and untimely departure, I've been a bit sad, knowing that I would have no such visit, no call, not even a card - ever again.  Then, strangely on this very Christmas Eve, I received the following email:
"Well, my wonderful sons, it's Christmas Eve and you are somewhere else. I wish for you a wonderful night and a wonderful day tomorrow and many many special days as you travel into your futures. It is such an honor to be your mom and such a pleasure as well. I love you with all my heart and soul. Celebrate the Season, celebrate your lives, and find happiness within. Merry Christmas!!"
The message was from another person whose last name is spelled exactly like mine and whose son had an email address almost like my own.  Clearly this was a mistake.  A slip of a finger on the keyboard.  Totally unintended but for me, something that touched my very soul.
Realizing that this person had intended the message for one of her sons, I responded so she could redirect it and also told her my story in the process.  We had a brief email dialog and then closed the conversation with a Merry Christmas and, most likely, a "the end"!
Anyway, I will always remember the accidental Christmas Greeting that I received from "Mom" the first Christmas after my own Mom passed away.  Be kind to your Mom's, they appreciated it and, I know that wherever she is now, mine does too!
Merry Christmas!

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