Monday, December 15, 2008

Pretty Day at Topsail Island.

We’re back.  This has been a pretty good week or at least part of one since we arrived Friday and will leave Tuesday.  Got to see some nice Christmas Decorations (they really do a great job decorating the Surf City Park and streets); met Ashley and Austin in (make that near) Shallotte to transfer Christmas presents and have lunch; looked for a new grill (didn’t find one yet); and today, since it’s due to be in the low 70s, we may get to shoot baskets, ride the tandem bike, and visit the marsh walkway.  Not too bad actually.  Christmas will be in Virginia (Patti Jr. doesn’t need to be alone for that day), then off to SC for New Years and maybe even back here for a short visit.  I know that Pat loves to be here as much as I do and leaving, besides being a hassle from a cleaning up standpoint, is always our least favorite part of the visit.  Hopefully, everyone is getting ready for Christmas.  Before then, I have school work to wrap up, a new term to set up, work work to pay attention to, and probably much more to do that I am forgetting about but likely will remember after I should have done it.


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