Thursday, April 19, 2007

Weekend at Surf City

I finally got to Surf City this past weekend.  Friday and Saturday were great.  The weather was fairly warm and we were able to plant 6 rose bushes, get the beds edged and mulched, and wash the house.  However, the big Nor’easter blew in on Sunday and shot the rest of the weekend all to heck.  Between the rain and very high winds, it was basically a nasty few days until we left.  We did manage to upgrade the TV in the den and had a decent time just being down there.  One lesson I did learn was to watch out for the fire ants – ouch!  Believe me – ouch!

One big plus was finding out that we are in a more favorable flood zone, the result of that was a drastic reduction in flood insurance…lucky us!

Hopefully, we’ll return soon – before Memorial Day I hope.  I suspect Patti is planning to spend some time entertaining visitors during the summer so she’ll enjoy that I am sure.

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