Thursday, April 5, 2007

Easter is coming but where is Spring?

It’s almost Easter Sunday but where is Spring?  After what looked like it was off to a good start, it seems to be eluding us, at least in Virginia and, unfortunately for my weekend plans, on the North Carolina Coast too!

Patti is enroute to Surf City NC.  I had planned to leave this afternoon for there as well but given the weather forecast for the next few days (40s – low 50s) I am not sure I want to use a couple days of vacation just to sit inside and wish for warmer weather. Betsy, Ashley, Austin, Abigail are going to be there Friday through Sunday so Patti will not be alone.  Maybe the weather will warm up and I can adjust my schedule a bit, going down next week instead.

Nothing else is happening around here – same old cycle of work-school-eat-sleep-work, etc. but I guess that’s better than some of the alternatives.  Anyway, here’s wishing a quick warm up to the weather and a Happy Easter regardless.



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