Saturday, April 7, 2007

Is global warming a myth?

The day before Easter 2007 and the ground in Northern Virginia is covered with snow. It's 30 degrees outside to boot.
Now I am not out to debunk the theory of global warming but lets get real here - snow in April? It's Springtime for goodness sakes. Heck, it was 32 degrees at Surf City NC last night and 22 degrees in Spartanburg SC. Assuming that the oil companies don't have an interest in perpetuating the myth then who does? Maybe, just maybe, the entire thing is a plot to sell books, movies, and news stories do you think? Or, perhaps it's a way for certain would be elected officials to gain some notariety.
Regardless, I for one am skeptical of the whole concept because, to [very loosly] paraphrase Will Rogers, I only know what I see and what I see is what I know. Right now I see very cold weather at times and in places where in the past it has been warmer, drier, and generally more in keeping with the season. Global warming? I wish.
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