Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Off and Running in 2007

2007 is off to a………start. The weather in Northern Virginia has been good and then bad and then good again. PattiQ broke her ankle/foot (bad) but has over 9 weeks of vacation saved up that she will otherwise loose in March so she can afford the time off (good).

Snoe has an ear infection (bad) but the Vet gave her a shot and some pills that seem to be working (good).

Patti is doing well (all good) and I am too (sort of good anyway). Work is still here (bad) but I still have a job (good – actually two jobs so double bad and good). Our parents are hanging in there (all good) and so is everyone else from what I can tell and, naturally, that’s good too!

Happy Birthday to Ginger by the way. Wonder what she’s up to today? Oh yeah – work (bad)!

Going to Topsail this weekend and dragging both broken foot and bad ear along with us. I hope the weather is (good)!



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