Monday, January 1, 2007

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year 2007! Here’s hoping that this year is at least as good as, and hopefully even better than 2006. Things were pretty good last year for sure so, all considered, I can’t complain. However, one must always hope for, and expect that life will continue to improve as we move through its little bumps and grinds. One thing for sure, it’s a rainy January 1 and I’m still in a good mood so that’ not a bad sign. Naturally, we will have the lucky dinner tonight – greens, black eyed peas, ham – all that old fashioned good luck food…..and hopefully some of the left over turkey too (Snoe will like that for sure).

We started off the New Year with a very interesting event – looked up at the tree just behind the house and there was a full sized Bald Eagle sitting right on top. Naturally, I ran for the camera and actually got some really good shots of it sitting there and one in full flight as it flew away. The do live around the Potomac River and the Occoquan but I’ve never seen one ever before. Here's a picture of the thing.

Work starts back tomorrow but should be quiet since the government is closed and most of our folks are getting a free day off (those working at government facilities anyway). We’ll have a slow day in the office I hope.

Here’s to the New Year and all the good that it will bring to everybody.


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