Saturday, May 23, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend 2009

Its shaping up to be a nice Memorial Day Weekend. Weather-wise it's great - sunny and clear. This has been one of the longest periods I've stayed at Topsail and we've seen quite an assortment of weather - rain, wind, sunshine, and clear skies. There's a large shrimp boat trolling just off shore, a good sign that shrimping season is back and believe me, the shrimp around here are good.
We have been doing lots of entertaining this week. Friends from Long Island, friends from here, Cousin John - wow! I think today will be a restaurant day, Pat needs a break.
Later, we'll go down the street and see how Judy's yard sale is going (we've got some stuff in there too). Then, maybe to Camp LeJeune for some grocery shopping but I don't want to waste a good day on the island by shopping in the commissary. Maybe later we'll pull out that (expensive) tandem bicycle and go for a ride. I might even drink a beer this evening, who knows.
Well, here's to all those who served and who are to be remembered on this day. Without them, and the support of their families, we'd probably be a lot different a country than we are today. Later!

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