Saturday, May 30, 2009

Almost Perfect Day

Today was an almost perfect day. I say "almost" because I spent it all alone. The weather was ideal - sunny, around 80 and not too humid, with a nice but not overpowering breeze.
I was able to get lots accomplished too. De-rusted the heat pump cover, re configured the hurricane windows, washed the car, refinished the teak tables, and got an 8.5 mile bike ride in to boot.
Tomorrow will be a "no sweat" day, meaning that I am not gonna do anything that makes me sweaty and overworked. Maybe a bike ride but nothing too strenuous since my real job will be to get things ready for me to leave and Pat to arrive. Hopefully, I won't forget the bananas and some Oriole cookies.
I hate to depart for Virginia but it's nice to know that I will be coming back and soon. This place really grows on a person when the weather is nice.

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