Sunday, February 4, 2007

DoNut Diplomacy

Here's one for the "don't that beat all" department. For a while now, I've been noticing (along with other's I know as well) that people are becoming so self absorbed that their actions reflect little or no awareness, let alone concern, of others. Recent examples of note include the young lady who recently passed us on the left, while we were stopped and signaling a left turn and the pedestrian in front of us, seeing our intent to make that turn, started crossing the street and almost got hit by the impatient little driver.

Perhaps worse still was the recent donut incident. Being the nice guy that I am, I took a dozen of the little death pills to work, knowing that I wouldn't eat one but thinking it a nice, Friday morning gesture for my coworkers. The donuts went quickly. Later, upon entering the kitchen where they were located, I was shocked to see the empty donut box just sitting on the counter about 2 feet away from a garbage can. So, someone, obviously severely lacking in upbringing, ate the last one and didn't even see fit to throw the empty box away. This must be the same person who takes the last paper towel and neglects to put another roll on the holder.

All I can say about incidents like these is "Hey, Dude, Yo Momma Failed Miserably!"

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