Thursday, July 5, 2007

Surf City on the 4th of July

It’s been a long time coming but I am finally posting again.  We have been at Surf City NC since June 29 and will be here until July 8.  The weather has been great until today (raining but will probably clear up by the afternoon).  Most days have been in the low 80s and not too humid.  We’ve had a good time so far – not eaten out too much except for the 38th Anniversary dinner at the Atlantis on North Topsail and that was pretty good, with a view of the Ocean from their 7th floor restaurant that can’t be beat and the food was outstanding.

The Surf City Fireworks display on July 3 was great too, dinner and fireworks watching on Bob’s deck where he also shot off some South Carolina fireworks after the town’s display ended.

Last night (the 4th) we all were shooting off our South Carolina fireworks (mine was pretty wimpy by the way but I didn’t spend $200 on it either) when Bob’s mulch caught on fire, the cops came, and everyone ran like hell.  I hid our fireworks in the shower room until the heat was off.  Nothing but a warning but there are still a lot of fireworks (look like mortar rounds) left so I guess we’ll be seeing some more cops in the near future.

We have the Bradley Family Reunion Saturday at Cedar Island and the McEachern’s home.  I guess since I am a Bradley namesake, I will go and be happy his name wasn’t Philpot or something.  Anyway, I am back to vacationing and not blogging for now.

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